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Global Vision Ministries Inc.

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Friday 12Midnight - 2:00am


Sunday School

10:00am - 11:00am


Glorious Worship service

Sunday 11:00am - 1:30pm


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Support Options

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50 Reasons To Join Us


1. We love you and want you to be part of our family.

2. You are the missing part of our body, join us today to make us complete.

3. Global Vision Ministries is not just a church but a FAMILY.

4. Global Vision Ministries is so big to accommodate you and so small to recognize you.

5. Global Vision Ministries is the church of the champions

6. Global Vision Ministries is a place where the love and fear of God come first.

7. Global Vision Ministries is the citadel of solution.

8. An excellent place to start with the Lord.

9. Joining Global Vision Ministries gives you a spiritual covering and our pastors begin to
  pray for you daily.

10. Global Vision Ministries is a great place for new beginning.

11. Join this church family and discover how to operate in the dimension of Christ’s love and walk in the fullness of His glory.

12. Each of our service is a special time of spiritual refreshment and hearty.

13. You want to be part of a caring network of people, sharing one another’s joys and sorrows, and helping one another grow through worship, Bible study, and fellowship.

14. For every person at every age level, we offer a wealth of opportunities. Special programs and
  ministries for children, youths and adults which fill the church calendar.

15. Our vision is so big and urgent, we cannot do it alone, your contribution in needed.

16. We preach balanced message that will touch and positively affect every area of your life.

17. Our pastors are available 24hrs to attend to you when you need them.

18. Your well-being is our top priority. Spiritual, physical and financial well-being should be

19. We are here to encourage one another and run the race together.

20. We benefit from one another in giving, serving, and praying for one another regularly.

21. We completely depend on God’s leadership and guidance.

22. In Global Vision Ministries, We Discover, We Appreciate, and We Encourage your Spiritual Gifts and Talents.

23. In Global Vision Ministries, your spiritual growth is highly important.

24. Our doctrine is all about the teachings of the Bible not man-made.

25. We help one another to develop leadership skills you never knew you had.

26. Global Vision Ministries is a great place to build your children’s future.


27. We believe that every child of God should be a student of the Word for the rest of his/her
  life for continuous growth.

28. We believe that the way to fulfill your calling is to help others discover and fulfill

29. Everybody is important because everybody has God-given potential, and we will work to
  discover it and bring it out.

30. Every member has a say in shaping our church’s direction and ministry goals.

31. In Global Vision Ministries prayer is not just what we do, prayer is in our DNA.

32. In Global Vision Ministries you will never be alone.

33. In Global Vision Ministries, leaders are servants ready to serve God and serve His people.

34. The best defense is often a good offense. God wants us to band together in love so that we can model Christianity for the world.

35. We are not merely concerned about our own private piety as individual, but also about our care for one another.

36. Studying the Bible is vital to us because it not only instructs us intellectually, but also
  guides spiritually and practically.

37. We are called to differentiate the true gospel of Jesus Christ from false teaching, to defend
  it against distortion, and to prevent it from being perverted. We do these things best together because we are sharpened by each other’s insight, encouragement, and correction.

38. Our church family has lasting bonds between the members of our church. Bonds of concern and genuine commitment to one another. We would love to include you in that
  church family love.

39. In Global Vision Ministries you will discover an abundant life in God.

40. We are called to impact the world with the gospel of Christ Kingdom.

41. In Global Vision Ministries the Word is alive and at work.

42. In Global Vision Ministries we follow the down to earth guide to heavenly living.

43. We are the people that is heralding the influence of His divine presence and love.

44. Tender love and undiluted message will revolutionize your life.

45. Join Global Vision Ministries to understand what drives the creations of a new life in Christ.

46. Our messages are very comprehensive but also easy to review and digest.

47. In Global Vision Ministries, the quick turn around is wonderful and essential in building our
  world with the love of God.

48. You have no reason to procrastinate, join us today so that we can grow together.

49. The Lord is in need of your talents and gifts to edify His church.

50. It is getting late, Jesus Christ is coming soon. Join us today so that we can do as much as we can for the Lord together.