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Anger Management

Anger management?

Spiritual Healing? Deliverance?

How do I know if I have normal angry responses or a spirit of anger?
Can anger management solve this problem?

Do I need a spiritual healing?

Can I find freedom in Global Vision Ministries?

Do I have sinful reactions and sinful behaviors with anger or righteous indignation?


How do I know if my anger is a healthy signal that an adjustment needs to be made or if it is sin?

When do I need anger management and when do I need deliverance?

The Bible says, "Be ye angry, and sin not; Let not the sun go down upon your wrath; Neither give place to the devil. (Ephesians 4:26-27)

Where is this room for the devil?

Does this spirit of anger come out in the dark of night?

Anger + ? = sin 

Anger plus sinful reactions and sinful behaviors plus time makes room for the devil.

Anger + sin + time = room for the devil.


Having a spirit of anger is not just appropriate anger about a current violation that can be directed with anger management.

It began with a build-up of tension from unresolved conflicts over time. Colossians 3:8
describes the growing build-up from normal anger to toxic anger when it says,
"Put off all these; anger - wrath - malice - blasphemy - filthy communication out of your mouth." A spirit of anger is a demonic power that has entered a person's life to influence their relationships, change their whole disposition and to control their reactions. Jesus died to provide not only forgiveness but also spiritual healing and deliverance from a spirit of anger. Which do you need?


There are many ways we can manifest our wrath (and the spirit of anger)

When we indulge in anger + sin. So let’s measure to what level of sin we actually descend, by listing them in increasing intensity and potential harm to others. Where does your anger finally stop? On which rung of this anger ladder are you finally satisfied? What do others say about your present anger management? Are you over reacting out of guilt, grief, frustration, shame or fear of failure? Are you demonstrating anger in constructive ways or do you indulge in some of these ways?


  • Mean, proud, rejecting looks
  • Condescending, judgmental, sarcastic remarks
  • Irritating, controlling or dominating with loud volume
  • Shut down tones that say "Don't talk!" or "Don't feel that way!"
  • Negative body language or walking out without a plan to resume talking
  • Overpowering them with threats or separating comments
  • Monopolizing or repeatedly interrupting, to avoid listening
  • Dredging up their past failures or those of their family
  • Yelling, attacking, cussing or verbal abuse
  • Public put downs, uncovering them, gossip or slander
  • Physical abuse, threats of it, or abusing property as if it were them
  • Passive aggression (acting out anger on purpose and then denying it)
  • Punishing behavior or fantasies, with intent to make them sorry
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts, because you hate yourself
  • Homicidal thoughts or attempts


If you are willing to accept responsibility for your unresolved anger and
to admit that unresolved anger is sin, there is hope. Are you willing to be
accountable for your behavior? Ask your family how they know when you are
angry. Do they say you need spiritual healing or deliverance? Ask them how
often you get angry and if your anger management is working.


If you are willing to hear them tell you how badly you have hurt them and are ready to ask for their forgiveness, there is hope. Ask them to pray for you as you attempt to get healing for your hurts, to get delivered of a spirit of anger and to allow Jesus to crucify your fleshly indulgences.


Usually, when we overreact to our current irritations, it is a result of unhealed hurts and wounds in the past. While we are down, so to speak, the devil comes in and tells us lies about ourselves and we believe them. Then when other people "tick us off," they get their share of our anger and some from the past too. Are you willing to take a fearless inventory of your history of anger, hurt and sinful reactions?


If you:

1. Have tolerated sinful thoughts and sinful behaviors over a period of time,

2. Have denied them even when people who love you try to make you aware of
their hurt, and

3. Have even justified your right to feel and act that way -- you have a stronghold of anger or bitterness in your life.


Would you like help with tearing down this stronghold?

The Holy Spirit of God is ready to gently reveal not only the surface causes and evidences but also the root evidences and causes that allowed the spirit of anger in. When we invite Jesus, the Spirit of Truth, to lead our sessions, He is able to take the pain out of every hurt, forgive every sin, remove the shame and guilt and even to take our blame upon Himself on the cross. He died to take our every sin upon Himself and to set us free with His Truth. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!


If you would like help overcoming an anger stronghold, getting rid of the
spirit of anger, getting spiritual healing and deliverance, please contact us.
We would be glad to hear from you.