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What is Deliverance?
Deliverance means to loose the bounds of wickedness.

A lot of people are under the bondage of wickedness. If you look at the lives of many people, you will discover a wide array of wicked occurrences. If your life is surrounded by wicked mysterious happenings, you need to go for deliverance as fast as you can.
Deliverance centers on the destruction of the yoke of the enemy. A yoke is anything that hinders or sets you back. Whatever sets you back from moving forward in your life is a yoke. God’s will is that you move forward and attain divine goals set for your life. When the contrary happens, there is a bondage hanging above your life.
Deliverance is to break curses and evil covenants.

The ancestors of many people were cursed and the curses have flown down the family line. For example, if a person struggles without any tangible achievement in life, there is a problem somewhere.
Deliverance is the spiritual cleansing of an environment.

Some people bought or built houses on land lot that were once cursed; or live in an apartment building with a co-tenant that is under curses and their lives and family are affected. Unless deliverance is conducted on such persons or families, things will remain negative.
Deliverance is the breaking of satanic chain that has made fruitfulness or prosperity impossible for people.

There is an invisible chain which has acted as a stubborn barrier between you and your success. A lot of people have tried their possible best for prosperity but nothing has been experienced that can be termed real prosperity.
Deliverance is the removal of invisible loads laid on people.

What many people carry goes beyond just burdens of life. Men and women bear burdens that are laid on their backs by the kingdom of darkness. When such a burden becomes too heavy (it will always be) people will always be forced to act irrationally.
Deliverance is uprooting evil seeds from people’s lives.

Unknown to many people like you, evil seeds would have been consumed in the days of ignorance. Such seeds often grow into invisible evil trees in the lives of many people. How can someone succeed in life, if an evil tree has grown in his or her life?
Deliverance is the removal of satanic embargo.

In many instances, some people struggle with unseen embargoes. No matter how hardworking you are, you will be working like an elephant but eating like a rat. Success becomes a tale in the life of such a person. One single embargo in your life can keep you in satanic slavery forever.
Deliverance is the release from the power of darkness.

Many people are under the bondage of powers of darkness and they don’t know. They are not free to move towards the divine direction. Instead of going forward, they keep going backward. There is every indication that satanic powers have kept them under bondage. It takes deliverance to set you free.
Don’t wait another day take a step today.
Deliverance is being set free from compulsive evil habits and actions.

There are some people who knowingly or unknowingly often misbehave and cause problems repeatedly in their own lives. If you fall into this group, you need to undergo deliverance.
Deliverance is being set free from habits that enslave.

Many people struggle with enslaving habits secretly. Deliverance is the answer.
Deliverance is freedom from stubborn hindrances to spiritual growth.

A lot of people (even minister) find it difficult to make necessary spiritual progress. Many people have struggled for years in order to be baptized with the Holy Ghost without success. Of course, demonic bondage will make such spiritual experiences difficult to attain.
Deliverance involves in being completely set free from past occult bondage.

A good number of so-called children of God are yet to experience total deliverance from the occult. This kind of deliverance is needed for those who have gone very far with the devil.
Deliverance is being set free from chronic sinful habits.

If you are involved one way or the other in any sinful habit whatsoever or any addiction, you need serious deliverance.
Deliverance includes being set free from sickness that defies medical diagnosis.

If you have tried every possibilities medically speaking because of sickness and efforts towards getting the best of medical help has yielded no result, you need serious deliverance. Jesus is the greatest doctor I’ve ever seen, He can and will heal you.
Deliverance means being set free from restlessness, mental confusion and other malignant problems.

As a child of God, you must not struggle with restlessness, mind blankness and memory failure. If you have experienced such conditions, you need deliverance. Don’t wait another day.
Deliverance is being set free from inexplicable family break ups (divorce) and recurrent squabbles in the family.

You were raised by a single parent; and you also end up being a single parent; you have being divorced or going through divorce, you have many children with different fathers, there are demonic activities in your home. When your marriage is suffering attacks from the spirit called “Home Destroyer”. When your spouse is avoiding his/her responsibilities in marriage/home, you need serious deliverance. Don’t wait another day, seek and get deliverance today.
Deliverance is being set free from the binding power of an evil trend of recurrent family troubles and tragedy.

When you count two or three people in your family that have ended up in prison, or suffered from drug addiction, or untimely death, or unexplainable sickness, or rebellious children, or poverty flow in your bloodline, or failed at the edge of breakthrough. You need serious deliverance, run without delay and seek deliverance.
Deliverance is being set free from mysterious spiritual experiences.

If you go through normal channels of prayers, spiritual discipline and application of the Word of God, yet victory is elusive, you need deliverance.
You need to cry unto God for deliverance today. If you have spent your life journey in the wilderness, you need to run to God as fast as your feet can carry you. If you are contemplating quitting this battle of life (suicide), you must go for deliverance as soon as possible.
If you have concluded that you have had more than a fair share of life’s problems, you need to visit the deliverance clinic as soon as possible.
If bad luck has continued to trail your life in spite of the fact that you are a child of God, you need deliverance. If you have discovered that the same kind of bondage that is found in the life of any member of your immediate and extended family is visibly present in your life; don’t wait another day, go for deliverance today.
At Global Vision Ministries, we’d love to help because we are called for this purpose. Contact us today or join us in any of our services and we will help you through. You life will never be the same again.